The Guest Bloggers’ Gallery is revamped!

I have revamped the gallery so that entries appear in alphabetical order of guest’s surname. Guest bloggers with more than one post will find them listed chronologically.

Bill Coles
03/05/08 Eurovision Song Contest 1974 My first Guest Blogger Bill Coles tells me his Waterloo story.

Dorothy Davies *Second Place Top Guest Blogger*
17/05/08 What a decade! Dorothy Davies shares her memories of pirate radio

23/05/08 Postal Strike in the Seventies Dorothy Davies’ memories of the longest postal strike in UK history

09/06/08 A New Arrival Thoughts on pregnancy and childbirth by Dorothy Davies

14/06/08 Oh Those Power Cuts  

19/06/2008 BLAKE’S 7 – FOR REAL!  

Shirley Elmokadem
19/05/08 Shirley Elmokadem and the Sizzling Seventies Shirley Elmokadem shares her memories of sizzling times in the Seventies

26/06/08 Poem – Silver Jubilee Partying The first Pop&Crisps poem by Shirley Elmokadem

Judith Gray
09/07/08 Sweet Memories Jude contacted me after seeing the article about Pop&Crisps in Writers’ News

Nick Griffiths
05/05/08 Doctor Who and his Enemies inside Weetabix Nick Griffiths sent me an extract from his 1970’s memoir Dalek I Loved You as his blog contribution.

Judith Hubble
I had a handwritten epistle from Silver’s Mum. What I like about this is the way that she talks about personal stuff like marriage and children in between world affairs and prices. I edited only slightly and uploaded in two posts.

15/10/08 Silver’s Mum’s Memories Part One

17/10/08 Silver’s Mum’s Memories Part Two

Gareth Jones
01/08/08 Gareth on the Chopper and Clackers the editor of Mensa’s Bwrdd (Welsh regional newsletter) emailed me with his comments on the blog after reading the article in Mensa Magazine

Silver Jones
29/05/08 Soft Furnishings of the Seventies Silver Jones (AKA EponaValkyrie)’s SIMS designs are Seventies influenced

Andy Laker
27/05/08 In The Navy Andy Laker joined the Navy, here are his thoughts on that experience

Laura McWhinney
08/08/08 Vesta Curry and Two LPs Laura McWhinney sent me her post after reading the article in Mensa Magazine

Kim P Moody *Top Guest Blogger*
21/05/08 Hair, Fashion and Metric Kim P Moody shares his memories of happy times

25/05/08 Seventies Work and Life The later Seventies explored by Kim P Moody

02/06/08 The Queen’s Silver Jubilee 1977 Another contribution from Kim P Moody, now the Top Guest Blogger

07/06/08 Concorde Kim P Moody shares his memories of this legendary aeroplane

29/06/08 Isle of Wight Festival 1970

14/07/08 Grunwick Dispute

21/07/08 The Strange Case of Alice Cooper

03/09/08 A box of chocolates in a bag

12/09/08 Goblins in the Bedroom

03/10/08 Bex-Bissell Carpet Shampooer

10/10/08 Tony Hart and Vision On

24/10/08 Viva! – Vauxhall Viva

Dwight Okita
07/05/08 Guest Blog from Dwight Okita Dwight Okita shares his experiences of the 70’s Chicago gay scene.

Brenda Abou El Ola
15/05/08 Guest Blog from Brenda Abou El Ola Brenda Abou El Ola shares some fashion memories from her book Never On Sunday

Howard Thomas
11/05/08 Blood on the Tracks Howard Thomas shares his memories of Bob Dylan

Kath Wheeler
05/06/08 The Knap, Summer ‘76 Kath Wheeler gives us the insight on Cardiff teen sophistication


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