Memories are a subjective experience, and your memories of a particular event may not match those of someone else – even a sibling. My memories on this blog are specific to my experience of growing up in a large village in the Midlands, UK. These may be different to someone who lived in a city in the North or South or in a rural community. They may also be different to my neighbours’ though there will be points of connection. I am interested in hearing from people whose experiences are similar to mine as well as people with very different experience of the seventies.

I am also interested in hearing from people who are older than me and remember the seventies from an adult’s or young adult’s point of view. For instance if your first job was during the seventies or you were a young parent then, please give me your stories of what that time was like for you. I’m hungry for your memories – feed me! See Submit for details.

This site is dedicated to the memory of my father.

Robert James Henley
Seventies Man


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  1. the seventies were when i got my first job in the local grocery store in the village where i lived then in buckinghamshire. i earnt 22.00 a week used to have a laugh with the other staff and got to hear all the local gossip!
    only stayed there a short while before leaving to do my nursing at stoke mandeville hospital. bought my first records in 75= shaft by issac hayes and How long by Ace. I am
    now living in worthing sussex and am separated have one grown up son age 24yrs. and still nursing.

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