An extract from the article that appeared in Mensa magazine August 2008Following the press release sent out in May this year (click here to view), several articles have appeared about the Pop&Crisps phenomenon!

To read the articles follow the links below.


You may have come here after receiving the press release and are now impressed at the fabulousness of the Pop&Crisps phenomenon and are scurrying off to write that article for your publication. You may have come here after reading said fabulously written article.

Or, you may have found this site through picking up one of the leaflets I’ve been distributing at various strategic points around the UK. However you’ve made it, welcome!

If you want to help to distribute these leaflets, then click here and press print. You’ll need a pair of Blue Peter scissors to cut the sheet into four. Then hand out the leaflets to your friends and family, neighbours, in your local shop/pub/workplace/community centre, and generally leave them lying around. But remember not to litter, or the Wombles will be after me.

The leaflets can also be made into posters with strategic application of some sticky-back plastic (Blue Peter special issue).

If you don’t have a printer or can’t use scissors, or are simply far too busy and important to go faffing around with bits of paper, then please copy the text below and paste into an email to bcc to all your friends and start a viral email campaign.

If every person who visits tells two others about the site then visitors will grow exponentially.

Subject: Do you remember the Seventies?

A new blogsite run by author Josie Henley-Einion is seeking submissions of blog material relating to memories of the 1970’s. The site is promoted internationally.
Please send 200-700 words about any topic at all that is related to this era to If you have photographs then these can also be sent.
More detailed guidelines for submission are on the site. Whether you were a child or adult in the Seventies, your input is equally welcome.
Include your name and email with your submission and whether you want your name with your story (we won’t show your email).
If you have your own blog, website, tour, music, charity or book or anything else that you want to plug, mention it in the submission and give a url.
Comments and links also welcome.


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