Send me your memories! If I like them and they fit in then I’ll put them on my blog and give you credit. Here are some guidelines:

  • Find a photo if poss for each piece you write and send me the url (if your own photo, upload to a photo-hosting site like flikr and remember to get permission from other people in the pic). If you don’t have a photo then I may find one to fit your theme.
  • Write it from your own point of view, include as much personal detail as you are comfortable with – remember it’s a blog not high art literature.
  • Mention events, people, brands that evoke the seventies for you, include how you feel about these things – how you felt then and how you feel now.
  • Have a read of my blog for some samples.
  • My memories are all from the UK but yours can be from anywhere in the world. Be culturally specific but also be aware that readers may need a bit of background.
  • Stick to around 500 words, over 200 and under 1000 (I may edit). Less than 200 words should probably be a comment not blog post.
  • Be specific but be careful of libel! If you’ve got something bad to say about someone then I’ll have to replace the name with an X.
  • As far as possible this is a non-mature content site, however innuendos of the Captain Pugwash variety are perfectly acceptable*.

*I’m aware that the whole Master Bates and Seaman Staines thing was completely made up, but Tom the Cabin Boy (the Captain’s Favourite Cabin Boy) was real. The urban myth surrounding the extent of Captain Pugwash innuendo is as much a part of Seventies culture as the programme itself.

Post your submission here as a comment or email your submission to

Send the submission in the body of the email, pictures as urls, no attachments please!

Include your name and email with your submission and let me know if you’re happy for your name to be published with your blog entry (I won’t publish your email).

If you have your own blog, website, music or book or anything else that you want to plug, feel free to mention it in the submission and give me a url for my links.

If you’re far too busy and important to write a whole blog post then feel free to leave comments all over the site like a rash. Or send me an endorsement.

Link-rich blogs are good for site hits, so if you can suggest any links for your entry then that would be fab, otherwise I might link random words just for the hell of it. Also suggestions for categories and tags most welcome.

A condition of submitting and/or commenting is that you agree to your entry, and/or an extract from it, to be published in print and/or online medium as part of the site or as promotion for the site. If a book is published based on this blog and your entry is used, then it will be credited to you in the name you give me here and I will email you to let you know.

Tips for writing posts

  • Read up on your topic, there may be some information that you didn’t realise at the time. Wikipedia is a good place to start, and there’s always Google.
  • Find a good balance between personal detail with something that everyone will connect to.
  • Find some photos and remember to get permission to use them.
  • Think about what you want to say, maybe talk it over with a friend who also remembers the seventies.
  • Revise it after you’ve written, but don’t worry about being perfect, I will edit!

Ideas for posts
For examples of guest blogs, see the Gallery. Other things I’m going to blog about if you don’t get there first:


  • Porridge
  • Morcame and Wise
  • Blake’s Seven
  • Blue Peter
  • The Goodies
  • The Wombles
  • The Clangers
  • Wonder Woman
  • Dr Who (of course)


  • Action Man
  • Tiny Tears
  • Girls’ World

Photo Appeal

Does anyone have a photo of a Corona pop bottle? Especially Dandelion and Burdock, but any flavour would do. I can’t believe that I can’t find this via Google, but so far I’ve come up with Corona beer and no pop. Corona is *the* brand that evokes the seventies for me, more so than R Whites even. We used to get it delivered like the milk. If you have a picture of Corona pop, however blurred, please send it so I can put it in my header image with the R Whites, Golden Wonder and Wagon Wheels.

If you have any other photos of the Seventies, I’d be very grateful to share them.

Send to


2 Responses

  1. RE: TV List

    You forgot Wonder Woman – Battlestar Galactica and DR WHO!!!!! LOL

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