Give me a chance, I’ve only just set the site up! So far I have three author endorsements. I plan to harass all of my published friends and any celebrity I have the slightest connection with until I can fill this page with excited hyperbole about what a wonderful idea Pop&Crisps is and how well I’m running the site. Feed my megalomania, send me an endorsement to Josie@popandcrisps.me.uk

The Dandelion Clock

Jay Mandal, author The Dandelion Clock, and other books published by BeWrite Books

You might like this to be going on with – it fits in with the Abba item, and is an extract from The Dandelion Clock:

“I think it was at school I first realized I was different. You remember how everyone used to say they fancied the blonde one in Abba? I always used to ask which one. Took me ages before I found out they were talking about the women!”

Bill Coles' photo from Daily Mail website

Bill Coles, author The Well-Tempered Clavier, published by Legend Press

“Josie – great idea. I’m sure it’ll pay off. Here’s my blog submission. Feel free to amend it, edit it or slash and burn as you see fit. All the very best, Billx”


Read Bill’s Pop&Crisps blog post: Eurovision Song Contest 1974 posted 03/05/08


Nick Griffiths

Nick Griffiths, author Dalek I Loved You, published by Gollancz

“Received your e requesting submissions, and since you’ve just written about Tom Baker and I wrote Dalek I Loved You – a celebration of both the 70s and Baker – it seems churlish not to add something. Being slightly lazy, here’s a direct lift from my book re the great man. Hope that’s cool. Good luck with it!”


Read Nick’s Pop&Crisps blog post Doctor Who and his Enemies inside Weetabix posted 05/05/08


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