The Plan

You may be wondering who is behind the site. Who is the strange little girl who appears in the animations and on the header? No? Well read on anyway.

At the moment, Pop&Crisps is run by me, Josie Henley-Einion, in my spare (ha!) time.

Stage One (completed)
This site was created at the end of April 2008 and is still in its infancy. During May I’ve collated posts and generated content and generally burbled about the site to everyone I’ve met.

Stage Two (Current)
I am now promoting the site in the national media, putting up posters and leaving leaflets at strategic points around the country. See the Publicity tab for more on this. I am also contacting as many celebrities and writers that I can to hustle guest blogs.

Stage Three (When I get around to it)
Then I’m going to begin applying for sponsorship and funding. Then I’m going to leave my day job. Then I’ll become a millionaire. Once Pop&Crisps is the next FaceBook I’m going to retire and finish writing the sequel to Silence. Then I’ll go home, watch some Dr Who and have a beer.

Meanwhile, I’m still a poor struggling author who has to prostitute my skills in NHS admin to pay the mortgage. I will continue to solicit contributions as well as posting my own blog posts, and I aim to upload at least one post per week. I have planned various guerrilla marketing techniques and am not averse to blackmail to make this site a success.

So if you’re a friend that I’ve begged, a celebrity that I’ve hustled, someone who’s seen a leaflet or a random person who has found this site by accident, please feel free to comment, submit or send me an endorsement. Kthxbai*

LOLcat of my cat Kit-Bag in a hurry
*If you don’t speak LOLcat, this means ‘Okay, thanks, bye’ for people in a hurry.


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