Lucozade Aids Recovery

advert for Lucozade with a nurse, making it look like a medicineIn the Seventies, Lucozade was a sickness recovery drink. I remember it being sold in chemists with a netting or cellophane covering to make it look like a medicine.

The TV adverts were all about children in bed looking grotty and drinking Lucozade to give them energy and recover from whatever lurgy they had.

According to Wikipedia, the cellophane wrap and medicine-style packaging continued until 1983, when the slogan Lucozade aids recovery was replaced by Lucozade replaces lost energy, and it became a sports drink. Obviously sick people were a niche market.

It is still used for recovery – I have a diabetic friend who never goes out without a bottle of original Lucozade in his backpack. But the Lucozade range has grown significantly since entering the sports drink market.

As far as I’m concerned it still tastes disgusting. For those of us who grew up with it being foisted on us when we were feeling sick, the Pavlovian implications are obvious.

 Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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