Rod Hull and Emu

Rod Hull and Emu in the SeventiesRod Hull was this nutty bloke who had an emu as a hand puppet. He wasn’t exactly a ventriloquist because the emu didn’t speak but it had a huge personality – much bigger than Rod’s. It used to curl its beak and attack people. A few times Rod got into trouble because the emu (which was called Emu) got too rough with the people Rod was talking to. He obviously couldn’t tame it.

Emu attacking Michael ParkinsonThere were also the times that Rod would wear tights and pretend his legs were the emu’s and run around on it. That was funny as well. The humour was the slapstick variety that only children would laugh at. But it was also quite discomforting for anyone watching as Rod seemed to be very angry, and so did Emu. He used to shout at it a lot from what I can remember, and then the emu would attack him.

Apparently Emu is now making a comeback on CITV, though without Rod who died in 1999. 

 Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


2 Responses

  1. All this did was bring up a whole pile of other tv memories for me
    Basil brush (My grandfather was called Basil so I was enamoured by the name…)
    Sooty and Sweep
    Bungo and Zippy
    The Magic Roundabout
    Ahh television. My childhood friend….

  2. […] famous Parky moment was when he was attacked by Rod Hull’s Emu (which was a puppet so actually attacked by Rod Hull) during an interview. I remember as a child I […]

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