Parky (left) with Michael Caine and Elton John in 1971‘Parky’ is the eponymous interviewer of stars. His show was one of many talk shows during the Seventies, but Michael Parkinson has outlasted and returned.

Lately it seems that he is the one everyone wants to watch and his is the show the stars want to be seen on. One of the marks of major celebrity status is to be interviewed on Parkinson.

There aren’t many talk shows that stick to the format of having the interviewer and interviewee just sitting on chairs in front of an audience and it’s actually quite refreshing to see this simple set up now. It gives more of a focus to the guest I think.

Parky being bitten by a puppet he was interviewing in the SeventiesA famous Parky moment was when he was attacked by Rod Hull’s Emu (which was a puppet so actually attacked by Rod Hull) during an interview. I remember as a child I didn’t really watch Parkinson as it was quite a grown up program and boring for me. However, when the clip of Emu attacking him came on the news, I watched that and laughed!

Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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