Silver’s Mum’s Memories Part One

I had a handwritten epistle from Silver’s Mum, Judith Hubble, for Popandcrisps. What I like about this is the way that she talks about personal stuff like marriage and children in between world affairs and prices. I’ve edited only slightly.

Ted Heath outside Number TenIn 1970 we had a general election and changed from Labour to Conservative. Edward Heath became PM during the next four years. Margaret Thatcher as sec of state for education stopped milk in schools. North Sea Oil and Gas were found, the miners striked, Direct Rule from London for Ulster. Idi Amin expelled all Asians from Uganda and most came here via holding a British passport.

We had flying pickets – the state of emergency was called resulting in a three day working week. No petrol, gas and electricity were rationed so that industry could try to maintain output on the factory floor – this was when we had steel mills, coal mines and a manufacturing industry! We joined the common market and lost the pound, shillings and pence. Yes we went decimal in Feb 1971. Jeff and I were married 11th December 1971 and CT Body Scanners were introduced.

In 1974 our first born arrived. Catherine (or as she is now known as Silver) 7 lbs and 4 oz (yep, we still had proper weights then as well).

More from Silver’s Mum later!


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