A box of chocolates in a bag

Kim P Moody shares his memories of sweet endeavours

Revels packaging hasn't changed much!Picture an old fashioned corner shop, you know, the one where you were served by the shopkeeper – it’s called service! A small boy goes up to the counter and asks if he could get a box of chocolates, I think it was for his mum, for 6d (that’s 2.5 new pence). The old shopkeeper, with grey moustache and horn rimmed glasses leans forward and says, in a soft Yorkshire accent, “Y’can’t buy a box of chocolates for sixpence, lad.” then after a suitable pause for the boy’s disappointment, “… but y’can buy a bag o’ Revels!”

The shopkeeper was played by the late Derek Guyler (1914-1999), famous for his performance as Norman Potter, the caretaker, in the kids school sitcom, Please Sir! (1968-1972). I suppose the boy must a famous actor by now but I never knew who he was.

Y’can still buy a bag o’ Revels, but not for 6d. They are a variety of chocolate covered sweets, but instead of the identifiable shapes found in the posh boxes, they are all ‘balls’ of roughly the same size – so it’s pot luck as to which flavour you get – bummer if you get the chewy toffee ones, my favourite were the coffee!


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