Soft Furnishings of the Seventies

Silver Jones (AKA EponaValkyrie)’s SIMS designs are Seventies influenced

EponaValkyrie designed bedroomAt 33, Silver is barely able to remember the Seventies, though she tells me that she loved to sit on her stuffed horse and watch Wonder Woman. However, not remembering the time has in no way diminished the flower-power capabilities of this fabulous artist, as can be seen by the designs she has kindly lent to me for popandcrispies’ perusal.

These are classic of the late-Sixties-early-Seventies era when flowers were big and bright colours compulsory. I do pity those poor SIMS though, as if they’re anything like my mother then they’ll be suffering their hippy home brew hangovers in front of that spaced-out bedroom wall.

Epona Groovy Flowers Set

Silver’s retro designs notched up thousands of downloads within the first week of being made available, so perhaps the Seventies have come back with a vengeance. These popular wallpaper sets are available to download at the EponaValkyrie SIMS Resource site. Just look for the word ‘groovy’.

EponaValkyrie Groovy Soft Furnishings set

EponaValkyrie SIMS Resource site.


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