Gareth on the Chopper and Clackers

Gareth Jones, editor of Mensa’s Bwrdd (Welsh regional newsletter) emailed me with his comments on the blog after reading the article in Mensa Magazine.

Chopper with pain-inducing gearstickI liked the Pop & Crisps bit in the Mag (even if they used a revival chopper in the pic! Harrumph!!) I know it wasn’t an original because I did have an original chopper and the seat was one of the big draws.

The gear stick was something else too because your mates would grab the back ‘handle’ of the seat as you cycled past, the bike would stop but you’d carry on going landing with unbearable agony as the gear lever was quite strategically placed!!! Ouch! K-: …I think this explains a lot of men in their 40’s 😉

As I was born in 1960 the 70’s were formative …it was the first era with ‘aimed-at-kids’ clothes so we weren’t all mini-clones of our dads …you probably won’t remember clackers …two heavy plastic balls tied together with string that you shook around until you broke your wrist – great stuff! Then the buggers banned ’em!

Ah yes …the 70’s. How well I remember Feb 15th 1971 – we had the day off school. I made a fortune from all the old biddies in the street running errands with “the new money” – my Mam made me give it all back 😦


3 Responses

  1. Hey there! I saw you in the Mensa Magazine also, and stopped by to say hello.

    You’ve got me remembering those good ol’ days too…I just wrote on and on about manual typewriters in my own blog, . Sadly, I didn’t have a Chopper back then…just Chopper-envy!

    Reading your Silence quote in the left-hand sidebar brought back another childhood memory; we had a new kid in school who said “pop”, when we called it Coke (even if it wasn’t Coca-cola in the can). She was from ‘up North’ somewhere, Chicago or Minnesota maybe? We nearly wet our pants laughing at her for that, poor kid. My parents said “soda pop” but that was old-people talk.

    Enjoying the blog, much!

  2. Clackers! I had forgotten all about them. Like, lucite balls on strings. I can hear the sound!

    My bike was a yellow Cheater Slick with a black banana seat. I won it as a door prize when our local McDonalds had their grand re-opening. 1971 maybe. Previously, the McDonalds had been drive-up only, and the girls on skates would take your order. Now, they actually had seats inside!

  3. Hi there !! I remember clackers too 🙂 I grew up in the Midlands in the 70’s but moved to the States in ’82 . In Ohio they call it pop by the way but I remember growing up it was always lemonade if we had pop ! By the way, you were so right about the tap water over here !! Took 20 years before I could actually drink the stuff , I don’t know how to explain to my friends how water can taste so different 🙂

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