Shirley Elmokadem and the Sizzling Seventies

Shirley Elmokadem shares her memories of sizzling times in the Seventies

Honda 175 from“The seventies sizzled for me. They were my ‘teen’ years. I had a boy friend with a Honda 175 and I loved riding on the back of it, feeling the wind blow my hair ( no crash helmets then).

We used to listen to Simon and Garfunkel and Cream at his house on his sophisticated hi-fi. I was jealous because his family had a colour TV and we still had black and white!

We went to a concert at Fairfield Hall in Croydon to hear Fleetwood Mac and also to Lord’s Cricket ground to hear Hawkwind. He was really into this type of music, but I preferred Bubble Gum music!

We bought a student rail card and hitch-hiked around Europe, staying in Youth Hostels.

In the seventies I remember wearing a midi-skirt and black patent leather boots, which I had nagged my mum for. I wore ‘Aquamiranda’ perfume and read Jackie comics.

I took my O levels and A levels in the seventies. I fell in love with a teacher and we even went out together for a while!

Then I was off to teacher’s training college. I was mad about tennis and captained the tennis team. I was thrilled to watch Virgina Wade win at Wimbledon in the 1977.

This was also the Queen’s Silver Jubilee year and everyone went mad with street parties. There was a great camaraderie amongst neighbours. They set up tables of food and drink in the streets and the atmosphere was electric.

Towards the end of the seventies I got married and had my children.

Yes, the seventies certainly sizzled for me. No other era since has had the same fizz…”

Shirley Elmokadem author of books for children and teenagers. Her book for teenagers, Krystal Bull Psy-Chick was shortlisted in the recent Wannabe a writer? novel competition.


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