Citizen Smith

Robert Lindsay as Wolfie Smith“Power to the People!” was the cry that Wolfie Smith would shout with his fist up in the air at the beginning of this sit-com. Inevitably he would be received with disdain, each episode slightly different, such as the one where a taxi pulled up, the driver thinking he’d signalled it.

I loved Citizen Smith and especially loved his girlfriend’s mum who called him Foxy and polished apples with spray polish. I once got into trouble in school for shouting ‘power to the people’ with my fist up. The dinner lady thought I’d tried to do a Hitler salute which was banned in our school, and she wouldn’t listen when I told her it wasn’t stupid Hitler salute at all but a power to the people like off the telly. I got into more trouble then for answering back.

The thing about Citizen Smith which I’ve only realised in retrospect, was that it was taking the pee out of socialists and earnest young men with high ideals, in particular those that instigated strikes for better pay. I hadn’t realised that at the time as I was far too young to see it as political and took all the humour at face value like the way that Wolfie was a hapless clown always getting into trouble. Ideal Seventies comedy really, I don’t think it would fit in another era at all.

It was such an integral part of my Seventies TV watching that I’m amazed it only ran for three years (according to Wikipedia, the fount of all knowledge). The opening tune was a rallying song for Marxists ‘we’ll keep the red flag flying in’, which was one of the first tunes I whistled when I learned how to whistle.

Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room