Man About the House

Jo, Robin and Chrissy from Man About the House (Sally Thomsett, Richard O'Sullivan and Paula WilcoxI was watching the comedy channel the other night and Man About the House came on. It took me right back! I remember more clearly Robin’s Nest and George and Mildred (both spin-offs for MAtH sharing the characters). 

I probably wasn’t allowed to watch the original program as it was considered quite risqué. Watching it in reruns is quite funny because it doesn’t seem daring at all, but at the time two single women sharing a flat with a single man was the height of decadence. In this interview Sally Thomsett agrees that it’s quite tame by today’s standards.

Chrissy, Robin and Jo from Man About the House (Paula Wilcox, Richard O'Sullivan and Sally ThomsetMy favourite character in this show was Mildred, the older married woman who was a bit of a lush and obviously sexually frustrated (seen here with husband George).

The comedy mostly arose from the innuendos bounded around regarding the relationships between the flatmates. Also the convoluted situations they get into when trying to bring home potential partners to the shared flat.

I can’t imagine any of this is as funny these days when students regularly share in mixed gender environments, but somehow it still seems to work as comedy because everyone is so prudish. Robin is explained away as being gay, or a brother or just a visitor and he ends up borrowing his friend’s flat upstairs to take a girl home. Oh dear. The titles also show some astounding sexism.

Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


2 Responses

  1. My goodness, we Yanks have stolen a lot of TV from you – even back then!

    That’s our “Three’s Company” right down to the older married woman.

  2. yup! but then we just get your programmes so it’s all good. Can’t imagine a British ‘Lost’

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