Morcambe and Wise

Classic posed shot of comedy duo Morcambe (left) and WiseThe Morcambe and Wise show, and especially the Christmas special, has Seventies written all over it. According to Wikipedia, families would judge the quality of their Christmas on the quality of the M&W Christmas special. What do you think of it so far? Rubbish!

The show was a basic sketch show/variety show which was common of the time and featured guest stars playing bit parts in the sketches and musical interludes from popular groups who would then often play bit parts as well. What was funny was the way that Eric Morcambe would constantly take the pee out of everyone, Ernie Wise mainly being the butt of his jokes, but also various guests.

They used to share a bed on set, and often performed sketches in their pyjamas as they were going to bed. Arguing over who took the blanket, or switch off the light etc. Sometimes they would do sketches over a breakfast table. There was a very famous one where they danced to The Stripper. They did all this in front of a live studio audience. I was never sure whether the intention with these sketches was to make them out to be a couple. There wasn’t any sexual content at all, but the sharing a bed thing made it dubious.
The more recent comedy duo that bears the most resemblance to Morcambe and Wise are Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, perhaps because Vic is quite similar to Eric Morcambe in his humour and the faces he pulls.

Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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  1. I never thought there was anything dubious about Morecambe and Wise sharing a bed at all – it was just what they did. Mind you, at that time, I’d never heard that there was such a thing as gay men.
    I think they said once in an interview that, when they were touring the music halls in their youth, they used to take a double room rather than a twin because it was cheaper – and they were both married.

    I suppose it seems less odd to me because of my own childhood holidays, when I would share a double bed with my little sister and my gran. My sister was always in the middle, and she got so hot in the night that she tried to kick all the clothes down to the bottom of the bed – and I got into the habit of sleeping while hanging onto the blankets like grim death, because I got cold!

  2. […] and Eighties. According to Wikipedia, Little and Large were expected to become successors for Morcambe and Wise, however they have not achieved the same level of international […]

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