The Dallas castDallas is a place in Texas, this we know. I didn’t, actually, until I was eight and watching JR Ewing strut around in his cowboy hat on the TV in 1978. I thought that Dallas was the name of one of the characters until I was corrected that it was in fact the setting, and then thought that everyone who lived in America was rich like that.

We are at the thirty year anniversary of the TV miniseries Dallas being aired in the UK, according to breakfast news the other day. According to Wikipedia the writer of Dallas had the initial idea for Knots Landing but that he was told to write something glitzy so wrote the improbable plotlines for an oil baron family, which when it was a success had Knots Landing as a spin-off series.

What did I take from Dallas? It could be similar to what I took from The Waltons, that all Americans are completely mad and have ridiculous sounding names, that people in America wake up with perfect hair and full makeup, even the alcoholics, and that everyone lives in large houses surrounded by open space. Having travelled in Americia, I know this to not be a true representation, however, this is the image that is sent out to the world through shows such as Dallas. The best clip I have found so far is the Kenny Everett spoof. Hilarious.

Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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