The Beatles Legacy

The Beatles in 1970 looking very different to their initial clean-cut matching haircut imageThe Beatles broke up in 1970 (announced according to Wikipedia in April 1970 by Paul McCartney). So technically you could say, if you were going to be really pedantic about it, that I shouldn’t discuss them on a Seventies nostalgia blog.

However, considering my mum was a great Beatles fan and for the first ten years of my life I hadn’t even realised they’d actually disbanded before I was born, I think that I’m entitled to discuss the band. They had such a huge impact on the music scene that they did not cease to exist as an entity merely upon disbanding.

So their legacy runs through music and into popular culture, including attitudes to drug taking, psychedelic uniforms, groups of boys with matching haircuts, all sorts of things. What mystified me about them (apart from how on earth could my mother think they were cool) was the duration of their popularity. Their music stayed in the charts throughout the Seventies and Eighties and continues today in cover versions. As solo artists, each one of The Beatles had a successful career and some still do.

There were many boy bands before The Beatles, but they seem to be the ones who are remembered for making the format and achieved worldwide recognition for it.

Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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