Taxi on TV

Reverend Jim Ignatowski (Christopher Lloyd) in TaxiThe main character in the American Seventies sit-com Taxi was someone quite nondescript.

The characters who stood out were those around him, such as Louie the boss played by Danny DeVito and the Reverend Jim played by Christopher Lloyd, who was a complete nutter, or Latka the grease monkey with a funny accent.

I loved Taxi. Initially I think because my dad was a taxi driver, but after a while it was the Reverend who drew me. I adored him because he was hilarious and clever, laid back and always said whatever he thought. I decided I was going to be like him when I grew up.

I’m not quite as spaced out, but I think the wild hair is getting there. I went around in faded denim for a while in the eighties but only succeeded in looking like a Wrangler ad, not a Harvard dropout at all. Shucks.

Taxi theme tune takes me right back.

Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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