Wrangler promo on www.countrymusicacrossamerica.comWrangler can refer to a whole host of things. Check out the Wikipedia disambiguation page. But no, I’m not referring to a Tenth Century Bavarian duke in this post, I’m talking about jeans.

Denim didn’t arrive in our village until the Seventies, or perhaps it was just my mother refusing to allow me to dress like a cowboy. There were plenty of cows in North Warwickshire but not many rodeos.

However, something changed in the late Seventies, with the arrival of a regular ‘cowboy and western’ night in the local working men’s club. She’d always loved listening to country music and the chance to watch groups performing live (albeit Brummie boys with fake Texas accents) produced a complete turnaround on the denim front. She bought herself a cowboy hat and me a pair of jeans. Yay!

Why do they chop the heads off the models? Still, yum-yum!Even now when I see a woman in jeans and a white teeshirt, Wrangler jacket on or slung over the shoulder, I go mad with lust.

Strangely when men are wearing this costume, I think of striking miners. But what with me being a fag hag, Brokeback Mountain did the trick.

What it is about these items of clothing, I’ve no idea, perhaps the hint of rebellion? Perhaps the connection with manual labour? Whatever it is, my murky memory has it starting in the back of the club to the strains of The Crystal Chandeliers.

Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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