Slade as they were in the SeventiesModern texters, bloggers and forum posters who deliberately misspell words to seem kewl have nothing on Slade. Cum on Feel the Noize was released in 1973, and many of their other titles such as Mama Weer All Crazee Now could be lolcats slogans. For a full discography, see Wikipedia.

As I grew up in a midlands village, Slade were very popular in my surrounding area, though I preferred Wizzard. I think it’s interesting that the two major Christmas classics are from these two bands. Perhaps Christmas isn’t Christmas unless said with a Brummie accent?

Slade's official pictureDave Hill is my favourite member, probably because he reminds me of so many blokes I grew up knowing. When he talks he seems really sensible and normal, and yet he does bizarre things and wears outrageous clothes.

They look a bit different in their new ‘official picture’ but Dave is still there wearing his wikid clothes.

Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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