Spangles! At www.escape-to-the-seventies.comThe sweets formally known as Spangles don’t exist any more, sadly. They were phased out in the early eighties. They are such an icon of the era that they have their own Wikipedia page which makes reference to the mystery flavours. This is where JKR got her idea for the ‘every flavour beans’ from, I reckon. The flavours were always a bit odd, and I’m sure I got a mustard flavoured one once.

The shape of Spangles were as unusual as the flavours. They were a square tablet but with a circular dent in the middle of both sides. When you sucked them for long enough, the dent became a hole so you’d be eating a square peg with a round hole! They came in wrapped packs and individually wrapped within that.

Even the word ‘spangle’ makes me think of the Seventies, because of the connotations of sparkliness and it rhymes with bangle.

Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room (this post inspired by Laura McWhinney’s post last week).


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