Tinned Fruit Salad

You can still get it now of course, but back then it was rife, like the measles. I’m talking about those tins of fruit salad in syrup that your gran or the school would force you to eat so that they you could say that you’d had some fruit. It was all bollocks obviously, because there was more sugar in the stuff than anything else.

The so-called variety of fruit in the tinned salad would be cubes of indeterminate white and orange plastic that could have once been apples, pears and peach with the occasional grape and very lonely single glace cherry. So very different to today’s standard of fruit salad, not a mango, pineapple or kiwi in sight. And the syrup was so sickly that it caught the back of my throat and made me cough (though it was nice when mixed with evaporated milk). Evaporated milk! There’s another post!

Fruit Salad sweetsI never knew that those bloated green rubber balls were grapes as I thought they were gooseberries. And I would always end up chasing the last one around the bowl trying to get it on my spoon.

I’ve searched high and low on google images but cannot for the life of me find a photo of a tin of fruit salad in syrup! Is it non-PC or something? Anyway, I found plenty of pictures of ‘fruit salad’ sweets, which were also a big seventies thing so they’ll have to do.

EDIT: Found a photo! the lovely Susan has provided a photobucket link in the comments.

 Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


5 Responses

  1. Hey, the old tin Charlie Brown lunchbox wouldn’t be complete without one of these! Those little 8-oz cans (pre-dating grams and litres, thank God) with a ring pull at the top for you to slice your fingers on, or else just yank right off so you couldn’t open the can at all (ah dang).

    You’re right about the sugar content; I gagged just reading this post, remembering.

    To see a photo of the American version, I’ve shamelessly raided Curly-wurly’s photo bucket for this link: http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b92/beyondbedlam/curlywurly/familycircle/libbys/23_dole_lg.jpg

    Wonder if they’ll still give you the 7c off??

  2. Thnx Susan! yes that’s exactly the sort of thing. They have more cherries in yours by the look of it, or that might just be in the advert. I am going to edit the post forthwith!

  3. Between the Fruit Cocktail, the Pear Halves, Peach Slices, Ambrosia Devon Custard or Rice Pudding… All tinned, not to mention the steam puddings I used to have on Sunday nights watching Hammer House of Horror or Tales of the Unexpected, it’s a wonder I still have any teeth left.

  4. Apart from Dole can anyone suggest brand names? Please.

  5. Well I do remember ‘the juice man from Del Monte, he say yes!’ except that might be eighties and I don’t know whether they did tinned fruit then or just juice. Anyone else know any other brands? Funny how back then it was all brands and no ‘supermarket own brand’, isn’t it?

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