Monkey Magic

Monkey Series 2 Wallpaper from www.monkeyheaven.comBorn from an egg on a mountain top, Monkey was an expert martial artist and travelled with Sandy, Pigsy and the delicious young priest Tripitaka on a major quest.

Monkey had a magic wand that was as tiny as a pin but would grow (with some excellent sound effects) into a fighting pole. The series was dubbed with barely a passing attempt at lip-synching, and the actors wore terrible wigs, but that all added to the appeal.

Monkey gave me my first insight into martial arts (and saying ‘hwoar’ very loudly when punching), an enduring love of the quest genre and my first experience of gender-bending outside of panto. Pigsy was my favourite character because he always did what he wanted, whether eating or kissing, he didn’t care! The name Pigsy also became an insult within our family, and everything had ‘zy’ added to the end, e.g. flyzie, catzie, such was the influence of this program.

It was popular in a number of English-speaking countries, and became such a cult classic that it was repeated, reworked as animation, and is now an opera featuring the guy who used to be in Blur (obviously he also grew up in the Seventies). Numerous cult websites are dedicated to the program, for instance Monkey Heaven. I can’t wait to youtube this!

 Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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