Waltons’ Mountain of Film Reel

The Waltons family from an early seriesThe Waltons was a TV show that ran throughout the Seventies and can still be seen in repeats today. It was set in the depression era in Virginia, America, but was very Seventies in style, from the floppy haircuts to the soppy storylines. Presumably at the time it was seen as authentic, but in retrospect you can see the TV show as much as a product of the time it was filmed as the time it was set. It’s a bit like the film Grease in that respect.

The theme tune for The Waltons brings back a whole host of memories for me, but due to the nature of TV repeats they’re all a mish-mash. I’m eight and watching it for the first time, shouting ‘g’night Jimbarb’ to my sister and giggling. Or I’m twenty-five and snuggling up in bed on a Sunday morning with tea and toast after a party, when Alys has insisted on getting her weekly Waltons dose. One thing I find interesting is that it was a nostalgic program in the first place, with the voiceover of an older man who is supposed to be John-boy. But now the nostalgia for the depression has been replaced by a nostalgia for the Seventies.

I’ve been passive-watching a lot of The Waltons lately (it’s a bit like passive-smoking and I do a lot of it as I’m mostly on the laptop and not bothering with what’s on TV). I bought Alys the first four series on DVD last year and she wants the next ones now. They’re becoming available: according to Wikipedia the 6th and 7th have just come out this year, but shh, don’t tell Alys because she’ll have to wait for Christmas. It’s on the TV all the time anyway, but sometimes Alys likes to watch the episodes sequentially rather than all over the place. It’s a very strange feeling to be watching Elizabeth as a stroppy freckled little girl in the morning and by the afternoon she’s a stroppy harridan teen! Probably even more disconcerting if it were the other way around.

 Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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  1. […] did I take from Dallas? It could be similar to what I took from The Waltons, that all Americans are completely mad and have ridiculous sounding names, that people in America […]

  2. I can’t hear The Waltons without thinking about my Gran . The episode where the Grandmother dies ?My Gran always told me when she died I would have her gold necklace , right ? so there we are watching this show and the grandmother dies and I’m bawling , everyone is bawling . I turn to my Gran and sob “but,but,but you didn’t leave me the necklace !!! ” everyone cracked up and Gran (bless her) snapped “I’m not dead yet !!” … I STILL hear that story and get teased about it 30+ years later !!! 🙂

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