Seventies Special Food

Prawn CocktailDidn’t we all think we were in the Haute Cuisine, with our three course meal of prawn cocktail, duck a l’orange and black forest gateaux? Pull out the hostess trolley and deliver your pre-dinner martinis, people, because we’re on a roll! Apparently celebrity chefs are bringing back the ‘good old British’ seventies menu (fnar, since when was any of that British?)

Black Forest Gateau - hint, it's GermanThe prawn cocktail sauce was mayonnaise and ketchup mixed together, the duck was cooked in orange squash and the gateaux was still frozen. But we loved it because we were ultra hip and modern! No more the meat and two veg, we were exotic with our devilled eggs and packet cheesecake mix.

The arrival of the kiwi fruit proved much consternation in our village, until someone hit upon the idea of using it as a garnish for their quiches. We had only just got used to seeing sliced tomato on top of a bacon and egg flan and calling it ‘quiche’, and as we had no idea what a kiwi fruit was for, no-one questioned it appearing in a savoury dish. But as far as I’m aware this must have been a Midlands-only phase as no-one in South Wales has heard of kiwi fruit on quiche.

We still like to watch Fanny Craddock at Christmas, for a laugh rather than for hot tips. The single most repeated Fanny clip is when she ‘lubricates the dry bird’. I’m sure I remember her as wearing marigold gloves at the time. It’s got to be on YouTube.

Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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  1. […] just not Christmas without some Fanny. I mentioned her earlier in the year when talking about Seventies food. Fanny Cradock had a cookery show which may well have been the first of the ‘performance […]

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