Carry On Films

Hattie Jacques and Kenneth Williams in Carry On CampingThe Carry On team worked at Pinewood Studios and consisted of the same core actors over a huge series of films (26 according to Wikipedia, with several more unmade). They were the filmic equivalent of those cheeky seaside postcards you get with the fat women showing their cleavage and red-nosed randy skinny blokes dropping their ice-cream. I loved them.

My favourite were the historical ones with Dick Turpin and Henry the Eighth, but I also liked Carry On Camping because I come from a scouting family and we used to camp a lot.

Babs and Sid camping it upIn every favourite film Barbara Windsor would lose her bra and Sid James would do his dirty laugh, neither of which happened in my real life, sadly.

The jokes were either double-entendres that mostly passed me by unless accompanied by some very obvious woo-woo type music, or they were the slapstick variety with people falling over into cake or mud. British Humour is one of our greatest exports, apparently.

It became politically incorrect to enjoy making/watching the sort of sexist humour on which the Carry On comedy was based. The original actors started to get a bit old to be capering about, and the new actors seemed to try too hard at the mugging. There was a bit of a revival in the early nineties with Julian Clary (perfect saucy humour character) but nothing like the output of the Seventies. There is a rumour that there will be a new Carry On film soon but don’t go holding your breath.

Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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