Screen Test

Screen Test logoOne of the earliest gameshows for children, Screen Test involved showing a film clip to a panel and asking questions. It was presented by Michael Rodd and was the first kids’ program I saw that wasn’t patronising (even Blue Peter could be patronising sometimes). There was no running around amok or talking down to the kiddies but a serious program with a desk like the news.

Michael Rodd on Screen Test - note the uber-seventies wallpaperThe best part of it was the Young Filmmakers’ Competition, where you would see films made by young people. It was inspirational and made me realise that it was entirely possible for an ordinary kid like me to get involved in film, TV and media. I so wanted to be able to make a film, especially animation. The prize for the comp was film equipment, but this seemed to be a bit like a chicken-and-egg situation, as how would I be able to make a film without the equipment?

I make a lot of amateur animations and films now, of course it’s very different what with YouTube and animation software. If Screen Test were still around it would probably be inundated with films about people bodysurfing on cars or something.

Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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