By Dorothy Davies

Blake's 7 shipI got hooked on Blake’s 7 when the incredible Paul Darrow walked on screen as the conniving sarcastic know-all Avon.  I mean, who didn’t …

When the second series began, with a change of actor, Travis was being played by Brian Croucher, who was much better looking than the first one, I decided I had to go visit the studio. Whilst I liked Paul Darrow a lot, I liked Brian Croucher a lot too.  Where the idea came from to go I do not know but it was there and it would not let me be.  So I wrote to the BBC and asked if it was possible.  To my surprise and delight they said yes and gave me a date when they were filming in the studio. 

Blake's GangI decided to take my nephew with me.  He was only young, about ten I think. He loved the programme but more than that, he loved the kudos it would give him when he told people he had been there.

The day was bright and sunny; no problems with turning up looking like a drowned rat.  The producer’s assistant, Judith, met us at Reception and took us through to the studio.  A huge bouquet of flowers had just been delivered for the actress who played Servalan, a truly devoted fan, it would seem.  They must have cost a fortune. 

The studio was a confusion of cables, cameras, props, the ‘interior’ of the ship, people rushing here and there with clipboards and scripts.  Paul and Gareth were confronting one another across a table, but Paul seemed dissatisfied with the placing of a particular piece of equipment. He moved it around a few times until he was satisfied, then the continuity girl had to make a note of it before the filming actually began.  There were camera shots from various angles.  Judith, who was standing with us at that moment, looked at one head and shoulders shot and declared ‘that’s awful!’ but I don’t think anyone took any notice.  One cameraman was obviously bored, his notepad, positioned alongside the camera stand, was marked ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ …

When the scene was done, Paul came over to talk to us.  He was as charming as I thought he would be, friendly, easy to talk to, no airs and graces with him.  And he was better looking in real life than on the small screen, too!  It was a real thrill.  Unfortunately Brian was off ill, or so Judith said, so I didn’t get to meet my other ‘hero’. 

A day to remember.  It’s been years and I remember it as clearly as yesterday!

The series was good, too…

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Servalan, my first mistressI’ll be blogging myself soon about my prepubescent crush on the amazing Servalan (who didn’t?) meanwhile, does anyone else have Blake’s 7 experiences? Did you make the Blue Peter teleporter bracelet from a washing up liquid bottle?



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  3. Gareth Thomas is the best!!!

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