Melanie Day won the Caistor Miss Hot Pants title in 1971. She had a handbag for her prize - I kid you not. Isn't google wonderful?Among the fashion disasters of the Seventies, the Hot Pants were the most idiotic to my childhood mind. If you wore them because you were hot, why didn’t you just wear shorts? Why have that added bib? I didn’t understand it at all. Of course as an adult I can see that the word ‘hot’ had a different meaning to the reference to the summer temperature.

Wonderwoman wore hotpants apparently, though they were the shorts kind and without a bib. When you see Wonderwoman’s costume now she looks like she’s wearing granny knickers.

It’s amazing to think that anyone thought that this was revealing and daring. But they were, especially when worn with thigh-length boots.

A photo of my little sister in her yellow hotpants (taken from inside her head)My little sister had a pair of bright yellow hotpants and she wore a bright orange teeshirt with them. She thought she was fabulous because she looked like one of the women in Brotherhood of Man (never understood why there were women in that band).

She used to pose in the living room singing Save All Your Kisses For Me. And even though everyone used to have to wear sunglasses when they looked at her, they all thought she was cute as well and I was the only one who thought she was a monstrosity.

Thank goodness the yellow hotpants went out of fashion and now if we’re hot we just wear cutoff jeans. (Which were also called hotpants strangely) Modern hotpants are much sexier, show a bit of bum, and are generally used as underwear.

Modern hotpants from




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