The Mamas and the Pappas

Mamas and Papas - look at those clothes, it has to be seventies, I mean come on!The only Mamas and Papas song I remember hearing as a child was California Dreamin. I used to love it when it came on the radio. I got really into them in the early nineties at university and bought a tape which I played endlessly. (Apologies to any of my neighbours in the student residence if they’re reading.) I would lie there reminiscing on the mystical forever autumn (therefore nearly my birthday) village life that I thought I’d had.

However, on closer examination (i.e. a bit of google and wikipedia), I find that this group actually disbanded in the sixties with a brief reunion in 1971! So they hardly count as Seventies icons. What is it then, that made me put them on top of my list for this week’s popandcrisps posts? Could it be a distinct lack of guest blog submissions blocking up my inbox? Could it be that I fancied the big arse off Mama Cass (such a tragedy that she died of a heart attack and not a ham sandwich as the rumour goes)? Or could it be that I’m a sad old cowbag who is nostalgic for something that actually never was?

What am I doing here anyway? Is this some sort of fake nostalgia trip?

Answers on a post card. Or better still, on a submission to

Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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  1. In answer to your questions posed on the blog, in order:

    Not sure, maybe you just have a good ear for a good singer.
    Possibly – who am I to say…..
    Yes to the first part, no to the second.
    The answer to this question is something that has always troubled mankind, but for the purposes of your website – I shouldn’t let it bother you to much.
    It’s a nostalgia trip but it’s not fake. !!

    The Mamas and Papas were I group that I just caught the “end of” so to speak, in the late 60’s early 70’s. California Dreaming is probably thier most famous song – and always a good one to try and sing and harmonise to with friends/family after a few drinks at Christmas, Birthdays etc. My family do a good rendition of that one, followed by a better harmonised “Chapel of Love” – but I think that is 60’s too.
    “It’s Getting Better” by Mama Cass is one of my favourites, closley followed by “Monday, Monday”, “Dream a Little Dream” and “I saw her again”. There’s just something about the harmonies in all these songs that is very simple, but effective, and also Mama Cass’s voice was just the right register for can sing along quite well (or give me a microphone and … well…!)

    Your site, Josie, IS nostalgic, but that’s what makes it. Nothing wrong with nostalgia – in fact it’s good for the soul. Which reminds me – now the SOUL music of the 70’s , that really IS something else!

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