Star Wars: May The Fourth Be With You

Yes, I really did deliberately choose today for this post so I could put this awful joke in the title. It comes around every year at this time. And I always like to slip it in.

Look at that fabulous site all about the Seventies called Pop&Crisps!

What is a site dedicated to the Seventies without a bit of Star Wars? The whoosh of the light sabre, the rattling roar of the Wookie. The amazing technology of those beepy robot boxes! It was the height of sophistication. And as with Dr Who, although the film was set in a completely different time and space dimension, the haircuts were so recognisable, it could have been made in Walsall in 1975. In fact, there’s a rather excellent YouTube series Taff Wars by Jimbo Loony, which takes clips from the film and dubs Welsh Valleys voiceover. You really must check it out – but only if you are unshockable.

Luke looking like a berk

Look at that hair! Isn’t it fab? No bothering to cut a straight fringe, just stick a bowl on his head and slice around the edges. I identified with Luke more than any of the other characters (though I did sometimes go beep in a feeble impression of R2D2). There was no way I was going to stick a bun either side of my head and pretend to be Leah like the other girls did.

There have been swathes of documentaries about the making of Star Wars, the history behind it and cultural impact. The point that always seems to be brought up is that this was the first film with modern merchandising, especially toys. I never had a Millennium Falcon and would never have considered asking for one, but I really wanted a light sabre. I really, really wanted one.

Any scraggy old stick would do in lieu of a light sabre, and I could make the whooshing noise myself (still do) while I swished it around. While the other girls were spinning diddly-ompom sticks (which is what we called the batons that were used by the leader in the jazz band), I was spinning my sabre and being Luke. 

Han Solo and Chewbacca

The other character I pretended to be on occasion was the Wookie, Chewbacca. I loved him to bits. Like a great big teddy bear who could fight if you needed him to. I envied Han Solo for having Chewy as a friend. I practiced the rattly roar (you need a lot of phlegm) and threw my head back and beat my chest. But only when no-one was looking. Spot the difference between me and Luke





Josie Henley-Einion, author, blogger, Legend in my own Living Room


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